Trojan partners with St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Department

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At Trojan Firearms LLC. (TFA) our top priority is the safety and protection of our community and those who serve and protect us. We are excited to announce our recent partnership with the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Department (SPMSD) as they gear up to provide them with ten (10) new TFA Wall [AR=15] rifles, each […]

Navigating the Second Amendment: Balancing Individual Rights and Public Safety in the Modern Era

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Introduction The second amendment of the United States Constitution has sparked passionate debates regarding gun rights, control measures, and the balance between public safety and individual rights. Its unique structure, with a preamble and an operative clause, adds to the controversy surrounding its interpretation. Understanding the Second Amendment and Historical Context Ratified in 1791, during […]

23 Reasons to Love TFA Helen


TFA HELEN is a precision rifle that delivers the best of both worlds. Here are the 23 reasons to love TFA HELEN..

The Rise of Female Gun Ownership

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Female gun ownership has been on the rise in the United States. It’s one of the most rapidly growing segments of American firearms ownership…

Types of Rifles: Shooters’ Choice #1

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When selecting a rifle, you should understand the differences among different types of rifles (e.g. bolt-action, semi-automatic) to make an informed purchase. Rifles come in a variety of configurations, action types, calibers, and designs to accommodate your specific sporting activity, style of shooting and target…