We take great pride in our products and hope to have your business for life. As such, with our lifetime manufacturer 100% product warranty, if one of our products, is damaged or unusable due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the item at no charge. Please read the terms and conditions, and follow the procedures to get the best out of Trojans Warranty Support.

Online Warranty Registration

In order to be eligible for Trojan Firearms LLC (Trojan) warranty, we ask you to complete the Warranty Registration Form within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of purchase.

Trojan’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Products Covered

TFA’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is for TFA’s Firearms and Parts (Products) only. Accessories and Optics/Scopes might be subject to different Warranty conditions. Please click here to contact Customer Service for more information.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

TFA warrants that products are manufactured with no defects in material, functional/mechanical performance and craftsmanship. TFA commits to repair or adjust defected parts, or replace the product with comparable quality replacement, at TFA’s sole option, if TFA’s original products are defected due to manufacturing fault.

Original Purchaser

Warranty covers only the original purchaser, whose rights are not transferable, and proof of purchase will be requested.


TFA will not accept warranty if the firearms/parts have been damaged by user fault, misused, not maintained, or if unauthorized repair was attempted. For full guidelines on how to maintain TFA firearms, please refer to User Manual. Warranty exclusion includes, but are not limited to:

  • Product neglect/abuse;
  • Personal injury, damage to the firearm and/or property caused by user negligence and/or accident, careless handling, improper care and/or maintenance, misuse and/or alteration/modifications;
  • Product modification (anything outside of tool-less accessories) by anyone other than a certified TFA Armorer or Gunsmith
  • Using any TFA’s product for anything other than its intended use
  • Products damaged if returned to Trojan’s using inferior packaging materials
  • Normal wear, tear and/or corrosion

Any warranties implied by law, including any implies warranties of merchantability or fitness for PR purpose, are disclaimed by TFA.

This warranty and the remedies set forth herein are exclusive and take the place of all other expressed or implied warranties (including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose which are disclaimed). No other representations or claims of any nature shall be binding on or obligate Trojan Firearms LLC.

This warranty applies to the U.S. commercial customers only, and does not apply to government, military, law enforcement, or non-U.S. customers. If you are not U.S. commercial customer, please contact Customer Service.

Custom Design
Superior Firearm
for the Ultimate Patriot
Custom Design
Luxury Defined
in Gold Attributes
Custom Design
and Graceful
Statement Piece
Custom Design
and Red Elegance

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