Trojan Firearms is a manufacturer with 40 years of CNC design and fabrication experience behind every product made. With an established history of craftsmanship and quality in aerospace technology, military contracting, and commercial electromagnetic energy projection, Trojan Firearms has demonstrated capabilities requiring the highest levels of material science expertise, precision and fabrication.

Upon this foundation of knowledge and experience, a new era of the company was born. What began as an opportunity to supply 80% billet lowers to the market evolved into a machinist’s take on the ideal modern sporting rifle in terms of fit, finish, style and performance. By maintaining in-house production, from domestically sourced raw materials, it is possible to rise above market limitations and push the boundaries of innovation and product development.

The end result is a product superior to any run-of-the-mill offering, producing one of the best ultra lightweight competition-ready AR-15’s on the market.

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