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Trojan Firearms (TFA) has manufactured guns and gun parts for 40+ years. The parts are built by following a proven path of American design and fabrication experience. With an established history of craftsmanship and quality in aerospace technology, military contracting, and commercial electromagnetic energy projection, TFA has demonstrated capabilities regarding the highest levels of material science expertise, precision, and fabrication.

40+ Years of History in Building American Design and Quality Firearms


By maintaining in-house production from domestically sourced raw materials, TFA proved that it is possible to rise above market limitations and push the boundaries of innovation and product development. TFA is always ready to provide its customers with the best products and customer service. We pride ourselves on always being ready to meet our customers’ demands on time and within budget.


Our vision is to be the most widely used firearms in the world. We have confidence in the capabilities and experience of all our employees.


Bring our customers cutting-edge products and services. To be Always Ready and deliver on all our promises to our customers with rigor and accuracy.


We conduct our business with honesty and integrity. We uphold TFA’s ideals and principles in every action and decision we make so that our customers can have the utmost confidence in all of our products.

Our Team

TFA stands apart because of its exceptional team. At all levels, we are a company that sets a good example. We put our customers first, and their faith in us is our top priority. Our team embraces an innovative culture that is continually improving, and our employees are constantly seeking personal and professional progress. We operate with a sense of urgency, which is critical to creating progress and responding to our industry’s and customers’ ever-changing demands.

Custom Design
Superior Firearm
for the Ultimate Patriot
Custom Design
Luxury Defined
in Gold Attributes
Custom Design
and Graceful
Statement Piece
Custom Design
and Red Elegance

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