Trojan Firearms’ rising success is a result of its stellar and hardworking team. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic group with a great passion and solid capabilities to deliver the best quality and precision manufactured firearms. We are perfectionists with attentiveness to the slightest detail to meet our customers’ requirements and satisfy the professional users of our products. We are creators and innovators, and we drive Trojan Firearms to stand out in the market.

We stand by the highest principles of integrity and ethics, lead through competencies, creativity, and teamwork. We take pride in our personalized customer service, and we give our personal time to every  customer and listen to their needs. We uphold Trojan Firearms’ ideals and principles in all our practices, which yields continuous trust in our products.

Our Values

Hear From Our

Our Values

After over 15 years in the firearms industry, working closely with my dad and starting as a CNC machinist producing gun parts, I have learned that every customer’s input is vital for creating and delivering a stellar product.

Our customers are integral to our company’s growth and success; therefore, I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or feedback that you might have. If you require support with your firearm, please be sure to contact our Customer Support directly – I am responding to most of our customers’ concerns myself. Our team represents some of the most exemplary industry professionals and can effectively help resolve your problems and answer your concerns remarkably fast.

Thank you for your business and your loyalty!

Steve Salmeri

Board Member

As a gun owner having shot thousands of rounds throughout my life, we have a philosophy that we live by: provide our customers with uniquely designed rifles with impeccable quality and faultless performance.

We are passionate about providing the finest weapon platforms along with unequalled customer support and satisfaction. Each product is carefully crafted with precision and attention to details, so that  its  owner will feel absolute confidence with every pull of the trigger. If you are not satisfied, then neither are we.

Our clients must have full confidence that their purchase reflects the best of product in the market.

Jeffery Leleux
Custom Design
Superior Firearm
for the Ultimate Patriot
Custom Design
Luxury Defined
in Gold Attributes
Custom Design
and Graceful
Statement Piece
Custom Design
and Red Elegance

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