Warranties and Returns


Trojan Firearms LLC reserves the right to update the Warranty Policy and Return Policy as needed.


Trojan Firearms LLC is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products; however, it is possible for defects to occur. Trojan Firearms LLC backs all of its manufactured products with a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects. The warranty is fully transferable; however, registration and/or transfer fees may apply.


Trojan Firearms LLC will not warranty, but not limited to, the following:

  • Product neglect.
  • Product abuse.
  • Product modification (anything outside of tool-less accessories) by anyone other than a certified Trojan Armorer or Gunsmith.
  • Using any Trojan Firearms LLC product for anything other than its intended use.
  • Products damaged if returned to Trojan Firearms LLC using inferior packaging materials.

Return Policy

It is the intent of Trojan Firearms LLC that each customer is satisfied with their purchase. Should there be any reason to return the product, outside of a warranty claim, the product must be returned to Trojan Firearms LLC within 30 days of the original ship date. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the return shipping back to Trojan Firearms LLC. To officially request a refund, the request must be made in writing by sending an email to customerservice@trojanfirearms.com. The product must be returned in new, undamaged condition using original shipping materials (when custom shipping materials were originally used) to ensure the product does not sustain damage during shipping which can prevent a refund. Should the customer require replacement shipping materials (box and custom packing foam), it can be purchased through Trojan Firearms LLC for a nominal fee (costs vary depending on part and quantity). The potential refund is only for original product value, minus shipping and handling fees.

Trojan Firearms LLC Will…

  • Refund the customer’s money in full if the products are returned within 30 days of original ship date (less shipping and handling).
  • Exchange for product of equal or lesser value if the product is returned after the 30 day period.
  • Supply at no charge, self address shipping materials for warranty returns. A credit card must be used to purchase the shipping materials, and shipping costs. If it is determined to be a valid warranty claim, these costs will be refunded in full.
  • Reserve the right to make reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis.

Trojan Firearms LLC Will Not…

  • Guarantee a refund if the customer uses inferior packaging. Should the customer use inferior packaging, and the product be damaged in transit; it is the customers financial and logistical responsibility to arrange return shipping back to the customer. Any product that is subject to this, must have return shipping arranged within 180 days or the product is considered abandoned, and will be destroyed. The use of inferior shipping materials can negatively impact a warranty claim. If the part is damaged in transit, it can void the warranty claim.
  • Be required to make special accommodations outside of these stated except where required by law.

Warranty Registration

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