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Trojan Firearms has manufactured guns and gun parts for 40+ years. TFA products are precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum for accuracy and durability. Ergonomically designed to allow an enhanced overall experience. Precision machined for accuracy, billet aluminum for durability, ergonomic design for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.  TFA products define maximum performance, whether on the range or in the trenches.

Upon this foundation of knowledge and experience, a new era of the company was born. What began as an opportunity to supply 80% billet lowers to the market evolved into a machinist’s take on the ideal modern sporting rifle in terms of fit, finish, style and performance. By maintaining in-house production from domestically sourced raw materials, TFA proved that it is possible to rise above market limitations and push the boundaries of innovation and product development.

The business units of TFA helps in providing our dedicated customer base with a greater range of firearms and firearm safety equipment and accessories. Today, TFA manufactures all its components in Sacramento, CA, and assembles all its finished product(s) in Morgan City, LA. The end result is a product superior to any run-of-the-mill offering, producing one of the best ultra-lightweight competition-ready AR-15’s on the market.

Custom Design
Superior Firearm
for the Ultimate Patriot
Custom Design
Luxury Defined
in Gold Attributes
Custom Design
and Graceful
Statement Piece
Custom Design
and Red Elegance

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